About us

CargoFuse is a leader company in the field of transportation and logistics, and provides exceptional service quality through a professional and expert team.

Together we have the capability to navigate challenges across over 220 countries.
Whether its sea, land or air freight including project cargo, customized industry packaging and full customs clearing.

CargoFuse is more than just a particularly reliable logistics service provider- it is also a trusted partner.

Our trained and experienced team is always available to provide you with our full range of services through high levels of dedication and commitment.

Goal and Values:
At CargoFuse, our Goal is to continuously satisfy our clients’ global transportation needs in order to maintain a permanent partnership. We operate based on a set of values which identify our culture and working standards:

Professionalism and Affordability: We are committed to providing fast and accurate services for the best prices in the market, while maintaining an excellent customer service process.

Integrity and Respect: We ensure that promises to clients and colleagues are always met through accurate actions, while respecting people and social standards.

Openness and care: We are open to suggestions and feedback, and welcome change for growth and improvement, while caring about our teams’ development and ensuring a sustainable healthy environment for a better community.

Our Vision

Excellence in Action

Exemplarity in every situation

With its worldwide foot print, along with the transport solutions in logistics & Supply Chain, CargoFuse and all its employees must lead by example. That means upholding the highest standards in their daily tasks as well as in the strategic decisions they make.

Confidence to always go above and beyond

Confidence has long been one of the Group’s core values. It is inherent to our entrepreneurial mindset and to our passion for development. Confidence, which enables us to reach beyond our limits, never settle and always overcome every obstacle, plays a fundamental role in our ongoing development.